Annette + Paul | Phuket Destination Wedding | Thailand

I almost wrote, “I teamed up with my old friend Julian Wainwright on this wedding,” because that’s what it felt like, but the truth is, this was the first time we’d met. When I contacted Julian about collaborating on a few weddings in Thailand, he welcomed me with open arms to the South East Asia destination wedding scene. Julian is a fantastic Philippines-based wedding photographer, and since we have very similar styles, (photographically speaking, though one might say our fashion taste isn’t so shabby, either), we made an excellent shooting team for Annette and Paul’s Phuket destination wedding.

The ceremony and reception took place on a gorgeous tropical day at the equally gorgeous Triasara Villas on Phuket’s northern coastline. I think I can speak for all of Annette and Paul’s friends and family when I say, everything about the day was amazing. And because Annette and Paul are such fun, kind people, everything felt easy. (Not to mention, Annette is totally hilarious, and made me and Julian laugh through out the day). Paul and his best man also made me chuckle as they got ready, from bantering in the way only best friends do, to Paul finishing his speech writing on the toilet. One of my favorite moments was when Paul’s parents declared the bed in their villa “the most comfortable bed in the world.” The ceremony was steamy on all accounts, from (most noticeably) the weather to the hot love in the air! The reception included two classic must-haves at any South East Asian wedding: 1.khom loy or sky lanterns 2. karaoke. So much fun!

Not only was this a memorable day in the lives Annette and Paul, but I must admit, it was quite memorable for me too. As Julian and I photographed this lovely couple while the sun set into a series of stunning hues, I couldn’t help but pause and say to myself, “this is the good life!” Congratulations, Annette and Paul, not only on tying the knot, but the little one on the way as well!

Enjoy this awesome wedding, in pictures.

destination wedding photographer

destination wedding photographer


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